WBC June

June was a busy month for us at Wingfield Boiler Care. Our work at Saxonford Road is almost finished.  What started off as a relatively small  job just grew and grew.  The property looks wonderful now pictures to follow.

All our engineers worked so hard whilst Graham was taking a well earned week away.  They earned every penny that week especially.  

Thank you Lee T, Luke, Darren, Lee.I, George, Joe, Jason, Chris, Mark, Nathan & George

We’ve taken on another electrician Nathan to help our amazingly talented senior electrician Lee as our electrical side is continuing to grow.

Darren has become a great asset to our business with not only his tiling skills but his basic plumbing skills as well.

Our trainee Joe is proving to be very useful and is tireless in his work efforts, helping us out on weekend call outs and delivering oil tanks.


Well done all of you on what was a very hectic month. Lets hope that July is just as successful. 

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