Any work undertaken on your home needs to be as stress free as possible. On top of the expense and trying to keep within a budget there are so many other things to juggle.

So here are just a few ideas to help keep everything running smoothly.

. Get quotes for whatever works you are thinking of having done. Don’t go get too many as this just gets confusing and time consuming usually 3 or 4 should be enough to give you an idea of current prices.

. Remember that the cheapest quote isn’t always going to be the best value for money.

. Have a list of questions that you may need answering. The best people to answer your queries are tradesmen not Google !

. Try and compare like for like quotes i.e. don’t compare the quotes for different quality boilers  or different quality bathroom goods.

. Ask if it would be possible to contact other customers for references.

. Sometimes gut instinct is good – if you feel you have a good rapport with the person quoting , bear that in mind.

. Be realistic with your expectations – your budget will dictate .

. Always keep lines of communications open – if you have a concern or query always ask when this concern crops up.  Don’t leave it until the work is complete to tell someone you’re not happy with something.  It’s much easier to adjust as you go along.

. Be fair with snagging issues.  If you have tried to kept cost as low as possible by dealing with decorating or boxing  in pipework yourself don’t expect this to be carried out for free if you change your mind.  There is always room for discussion and compromise.

. A reputable company will always try to keep within the time frame given but unexpected issues beyond anyone’s control may occur from time to time.  Frustrating but sometimes unavoidable.

. Remember that not all the horror stories you see on tv or read about apply to all companies.  There are more good tradesmen than there are bad.  Do your homework and sometimes word of mouth can be the best recommendation.

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